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Think I’m your typical life coach and motivational speaker? You’re in for a surprise - a fabulous surprise, I promise. Some people describe me as a force to be reckoned with. If they mean a tornado of motivational awesomeness that captivates audiences, they’re right.

I’m on a mission to help you “GET THE F*CK UNSTUCK” through the incredible power of daily routines and habits. Leaving everyday habits on autopilot often holds you back. With mindfulness and motivation, you can make small daily changes to break free from being stuck and become unstoppable.

I’m walking proof of someone doing exactly that. I haven’t been on this wild ride we call life for long. But I’ve experienced more than most do in a century - from sailing the highest of highs to riding the lowest of lows. And through it all, I transformed myself into an unstoppable force.

What you can expect:

  • Boundless energy and an infectious spirit on the stage

  • A fire-cracker speaker who can ignite a spark in any audience

  • Hearing a life story as a testament to resilience and unwavering determination

I don’t just speak about overcoming challenges - I’ve lived it.

I’ll inspire your audience to:

  • Rise up and identify where they’re stuck

  • Face their challenges head-on

  • Unlock their full potential

  • Become unstoppable

Gear up for motivation and empowerment, and get ready to tackle life's obstacles with me by your side.

All this might seem boastful coming from me. So I’ll hand over the mic and let you hear from Lauren and Camilla.


Loz Antonenko's presence at The Brunch Club was nothing short of exceptional. Her authenticity, energy, rawness, and incredible journey left an indelible mark on all attendees. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had Loz as our guest speaker, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a dynamic and inspiring speaker who can truly make a positive impact.

Lauren Bryant, Empower House

I recently attended Loz Antonenko's "Find Your Mojo" workshop and was blown away by the experience. Loz's energy, personal anecdotes, and genuine care for improving our lives were truly inspiring. She shared her "Hierarchy of Health" to help us transition from feeling stuck to becoming unstoppable.

Since the workshop, I've been motivated to make small daily changes in my eating, sleeping, breathing, and hydration habits. Thank you, Loz, for your passion and guidance in improving our well-being.

Camilla Thompson, My Local Health & Grant Writing Simplified



You can access a diverse range of workshops, from short and inspirational to full-day and transformative. They empower individuals and organisations in various aspects of personal and professional development.

Available in 2-hour sessions or full-day sessions. Delivered in-person or virtually for your convenience. Guaranteed to be engaging no matter the delivery mode.

These captivating workshops delve into diverse subjects, including:

  • Goal setting

  • Time management

  • Stress management

  • Mindfulness for busy people

  • Mental health in the workplace

  • Menopause-related challenges at work

Want to enhance your personal well-being? How about elevating your team's performance and giving them the tools to master a chaotic modern lifestyle?

These workshops are just what you need.



I’m a healthy habit coach on a mission. Some think it’s a far-out goal to aim for. Some are even afraid to say it aloud. But I’m not.

My mission is to help you "GET THE F*CK UNSTUCK!"

I do that through my keen understanding of the transformative power of daily routines and habits. My experience lets me guide busy people like you towards a life filled with boundless happiness, health, and vitality.

So, what sets me apart? It’s my personal journey. It’s my refusal to submit to life’s challenges. To fall and stay down. To accept being stuck.

Mastering the art of daily habits helped me battle and triumph over multiple autoimmune disorders and chronic pain. My practical guidebook encapsulates the struggle, offering a blueprint to anyone looking to upgrade their life from feeling stuck to becoming unstoppable.

Life isn’t smooth sailing for anyone. It’s how you respond to the adversity that matters. I faced my hardships and overcame them through unwavering positivity and inspired action.

Through mastering daily habits, I built…




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