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Let’s take your audience on a transformative journey with this engaging presentation. Attendees will discover the life-changing potential of optimising the everyday habits we often take for granted:

  • Breathing

  • Hydration

  • Sleeping

  • Moving

  • Eating

Through mindfulness and self-awareness, attendees learn how small changes in these essential habits create transformative results. The power of healthy habits significantly impacts performance, well-being, and overall quality of life.


This engaging presentation explores the transformative potential of optimising eating, breathing, sleep, movement, and hydration habits. Attendees will learn how small changes in these foundational areas can have a significant impact on their performance, well-being, and overall quality of life.

Understanding resilience

Defining resilience and its significance in overcoming obstacles, adapting to change,& maintaining well-being.

Strategies for managing stress

Tools and techniques to effectively cope with stress, including mindfulness & stress-reducing habits.

Developing a growth mindset

How cultivating a mindset of growth & resilience can enhance problem-solving & foster adaptability.

Building physical resilience

The role of exercise, nutrition, & self-care practices in bolstering physical resilience & managing energy levels.

Cultivating emotional well-being

Exploring emotional intelligence, self-awareness & self-care as vital components of mental well-being.

Nurturing social networks

The importance of connection, community & support in building resilience & bouncing back from challenges.


Loz Antonenko's presence at The Brunch Club was nothing short of exceptional. Her authenticity, energy, rawness, and incredible journey left an indelible mark on all attendees. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had Loz as our guest speaker, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a dynamic and inspiring speaker who can truly make a positive impact.

Lauren Bryant, Empower House

I recently attended Loz Antonenko's "Find Your Mojo" workshop and was blown away by the experience. Loz's energy, personal anecdotes, and genuine care for improving our lives were truly inspiring. She shared her "Hierarchy of Health" to help us transition from feeling stuck to becoming unstoppable.

Since the workshop, I've been motivated to make small daily changes in my eating, sleeping, breathing, and hydration habits. Thank you, Loz, for your passion and guidance in improving our well-being.

Camilla Thompson, My Local Health & Grant Writing Simplified


Stories are the thread weaving people together, the bridge connecting humanity, a universal language drawing us tight and building a sense of community.

They take us on a journey and tug at our emotions. They inspire and motivate us. They help us to learn.

We all love a good yarn.

My story connects people through our everyday habits.

  • Breathing

  • Hydration

  • Sleeping

  • Moving

  • Eating

Left on autopilot, these “handbrake habits” can hold us back and leave us feeling stuck.

It’s a story charged with emotion - equal parts exhilarating and harrowing. People see themselves in my life and relate to the journey.

It inspires and motivates. Because I practice what I preach.

Ultimately, my story teaches people how to “GET THE F*CK UNSTUCK” in life. Because I did this myself by focusing on these five handbrake

habits. I’m the walking, talking proof of the transformation.

Lost. In a genuine crisis. Alive but not living. Surviving, not thriving. I concentrated on these simple, everyday habits.

The results speak for themselves. I take pride in helping countless others achieve these results and am humbled by receiving recognition for my work.



Pulling the handbrake is perfect when you’re parking on a hill. But driving down the highway of life with the handbrake locked is downright restricting. We need to release the handbrake, shift the momentum, and break free from constraint.

Let’s create a momentum shift in your audience.

They shuffle in the door constrained by often unseen handbrake habits. They strut out with a clear understanding of how to transform their lives. The method? Simple changes in their daily habits.

Each audience member awakens to a basic fact. They already possess everything they need to make significant and impactful life changes.

Your audience can visualise the journey from passive existence to conscious living.

They leave your event:

  • Empowered

  • Motivated

  • Enabled

Ready to start their journey of confronting and transforming their daily habits. To release the handbrake from passive living. To start motoring towards a life of thriving.




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