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Let’s guide your audience on an empowering journey of self-discovery with this insightful talk. It covers practical strategies for individuals and teams to:

  • Assess challenges

  • Overcome inevitable setbacks

  • Navigate demanding environments

Attendees gain insights into the powerful combination of physical and mental resilience. They learn how to cope with stress through mindfulness. They discover how to bolster physical resilience through exercise and nutrition, managing energy levels for hectic lifestyles. They build their mental and physical resilience to thrive in personal and professional realms.


Understanding resilience

Defining resilience and understanding its significance in overcoming obstacles, adapting to change and maintaining good health.

Strategies for managing stress

Defining resilience and understanding its significance in overcoming obstacles, adapting to change and maintaining good health.

Developing a growth mindset

How cultivating a mindset of growth and resilience elevates problem-solving and strengthens adaptability.

Building physical resilience

Promoting the role of exercise, nutrition and self-care practices in bolstering physical resilience and managing energy levels.

Cultivating emotional well-being

Exploring emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-care as vital components of mental well-being.

Nurturing social networks

The importance of connection, community and support in building resilience & bouncing back from challenges.


Loz Antonenko's presence at The Brunch Club was nothing short of exceptional. Her authenticity, energy, rawness, and incredible journey left an indelible mark on all attendees. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had Loz as our guest speaker, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a dynamic and inspiring speaker who can truly make a positive impact.

Lauren Bryant, Empower House

I recently attended Loz Antonenko's "Find Your Mojo" workshop and was blown away by the experience. Loz's energy, personal anecdotes, and genuine care for improving our lives were truly inspiring. She shared her "Hierarchy of Health" to help us transition from feeling stuck to becoming unstoppable.

Since the workshop, I've been motivated to make small daily changes in my eating, sleeping, breathing, and hydration habits. Thank you, Loz, for your passion and guidance in improving our well-being.

Camilla Thompson, My Local Health & Grant Writing Simplified


Some resilience gets forged in the fire of life’s traumas. Building it is a sink-or-swim type of situation. You either let go and sink, or you can dig deep into your soul and choose to swim.

I built resilience from my traumas and fought the overwhelming pull downwards. But I’m not interested in merely treading water. My resilience propels me forward, kicking on to reach my life’s goals.

I want exactly that for your audience when they hear my story. I want them to leave empowered to overcome their own life challenges. I want to pass on the techniques I used to resist the rip curl of trauma and swim towards mental and physical resilience.

The beauty rests in the simplicity of building this resilience. It’s not some BS life hack or a complex overhaul of your life with sweeping changes. No, it involves being mindful of simple, everyday habits:

  • Breathing

  • Hydration

  • Sleeping

  • Moving

  • Eating

Focusing on these “handbrake habits” propelled me from merely surviving to thriving. With small wins every day, I overcame the limitations of my past. It opened a pathway to improved well-being and an empowered life.

My mission is to help your audience “GET THE F*CK UNSTUCK” in life. Attendees will learn from my story and leave with the tools I use to gain and maintain resilience.

Each audience member will see there’s nothing unique about my transformation. Everyone can make changes to these basic habits. They can build physical and mental resilience. I’ve helped countless people do it, receiving awards for my work.


Life has its way of challenging everyone. Significant loss, violation, and health issues were my challenges. Avoidance and escape served as my survival mechanisms. To protect me from the suicide of my first husband, enduring sexual assault and serious health diagnoses.

I was alive but not really living. Surviving, not thriving. Going through the motions of life on autopilot. A momentum shift around simple, everyday habits changed everything.

Let’s create a momentum shift in your audience.

Focusing on mindfulness, exercise and community shifts the momentum. Attendees start their journey to building resilience. They see how simple changes over time lead to massive gains.

Each audience member awakens to a basic fact. They already possess everything they need to build resilience.

Your audience can see the journey from vulnerability to durability.

They leave your event:

  • Empowered

  • Connected

  • Inspired

Ready to tackle and overcome life’s challenges through mindfulness, exercise and community. To make simple changes to everyday habits and build resilience. To shift momentum towards a life of thriving.




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